17 Jul

Solar Energy Killing Trees

Solar Energy Killing Trees? 

Access to sustainable sources of energy is a major challenge for poverty alleviation and forest conservation across the tropics. In Africa more than 650 million people live without access to electricity. Lack of electricity and a continued reliance on wood and charcoal for energy not only causes health problems and deprives people of opportunities for education but is an ongoing cause of deforestation

Roughly 350 acres of forestland are at risk due to a proposed solar power farm in Long Island, New York. The long island solar energy project, which would be built on the site of an empty nuclear power plant, would provide power for over 13,000 homes in the area.

Solar energy, harvested by solar panels is cleaner, safer, and more renewable than other forms of energy. It is an energy source that many scientists and environmentalists agree is more rational than coal, oil, and nuclear power. However, in destroying hundreds of acres of wildlife, is this source of energy really any better, or are the negative consequences of their construction neutralizing the positive effects they may have? Deforestation releases an abundance of carbon dioxide in the air, which increases the damaging effects of global warming. It also destroys the habitats of natural plants and wildlife.

In an area such as Long Island, there are plenty of available spaces for the construction of the solar farm that could be used in lieu of the forest area. For example, abundant rooftops of large buildings and commercial spaces would put the solar panels not only out of sight, ut would also save the hundreds of acres of trees. In many parts of Africa, the collection of fuel wood for cooking and heating is the leading cause of forest loss and degradation

The proposed solar power farm is still under review and its construction may not happen for many years. However, action should be taken to argue for the prevention of the destruction of the forestland before it is too late. Solar energy is vastly important to progressive and renewable energy production in America, yet the importance of forestland and green space cannot be forgotten in the process. Sign the petition to urge LI Solar Generation to seek solar energy alternatives that would protect the forestland.You can also get to know how to find the components of the system at affordable rates, as well as the batteries for free. Hence, for proper and safe installation of a solar power system, such a guide is extremely useful.

Your company, Solar Generation, has recently proposed an immense solar power farm on the site of a defunct nuclear power plant in Long Island, New York. Solar energy is a clean and renewable form of energy production that is much better than sources such as coal, oil, and nuclear power. However, the proposed project would lead to the destruction of 350 acres of trees. This would destroy the habitat of natural species and also increase the effects of global warming.

I urge you and your company to take action to find an alternative route to solar energy that would still allow thousands of people to rely on cleaner energy, while also preserving natural forestland. If hundreds of acres of trees are destroyed for solar energy, the positive effects solar energy has on the environment may be overshadowed.


Camila Dietrich

Camila is passionate about helping people find innovative new ways to green. She enjoy writing poetry in her spare time.

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